The Database link load enablement pack contains templates and settings that enables users to perform database link load in RED 10.x versions. The enablement pack contains a deployment application that includes the load templates and a parameter object for configuration.

Usage Notes:

For execution, the parameter DB_LINK_LOAD needs to be set to “AZSQL” for Azure SQL targets, “PG” for PostgreSQL targets, and blank for all other targets.

Unzip the downloaded file, load the deployment application and follow the usage notes provided above to configure database link load.

Download the latest enablement pack version listed in the table below, ensuring it is compatible with your version of WhereScape RED. Check your installed version in the Help -> About menu.

Visit WhereScape Support should you require any assistance.

Enablement Pack version history:
Type Name Version Compatibility Release Notes Installation Guide
Design & Utilities Database Link Load 240301-1210 RED 10.x NA NA

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