The following Enablement Packs configure WhereScape RED to browse Amazon S3 as a data source.

Compatible target Enablement Packs provide templates for loading the following files:

  • CSVs/Delimited Text (parsed into columns)
  • Entire files loaded into a single column – e.g. of type XML

For parsing a broader range of file types, consider the File Parser Enablement Pack.

Usage Notes:

  • Compatible Target Enablement Packs:
    • Amazon Redshift
    • PostgreSQL
  • This Source Enablement Pack cannot be installed alongside the File Parser Enablement Pack

Download the latest enablement pack version listed in the table below, ensuring it is compatible with your version of WhereScape RED. Check your installed version in the Help -> About menu.

Follow the Installation Guide included in the download and visit WhereScape Support should you require any assistance.

Enablement Pack version history:
Type Name Version Compatibility Release Notes Installation Guide
Sources AWS S3 source 210922-1348 RED 8.6.1+ NA Installation Guide

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